About Me

Currently I run 3 businesses:

We do big things here, but we are lzaer focused “Growing Sales on Amazon”. Our mission is to blend creativity with technology, turning the world into an open warehouse filled with endless possibilities.

My Journey

My expedition into the realm of e-commerce began at Washington State University, where my entrepreneurial spirit was ignited. Not only did I major in entrepreneurship, but I also triumphed in the Annual business-plan competition beating out hundreds of teams. Post-graduation, I dove into the family business, learning the ropes and understanding the market dynamics of national retail and distribution.

The time was 2007, and Amazon literally opened their doors to buy “hard-goods” which meant we could call on them.

Maybe hard to believe, but the hardest part of our sales process was getting BRANDS/CLIENTS to believe Amazon wouldn’t go out of business without paying for millions of dollars worth of inventory.

I succeeded, and multiple fortune-500 companies had onboarded to the vendorcentral platform.

By 2011 our agency had quadrupled, we were managing tens of millions per year in GMV.

However, my curiosity led me on a sabbatical, immersing myself in a coding bootcamp. This phase was a game-changer, equipping me with the tools to innovate in the e-commerce landscape. Subsequently, I took the reins of our family business morphing it into a 100% e-commerce-centric entity.

Professional Milestones

  • Anderson & Associates - Amazon Manufacturers Representatives: As the Owner and President since 2017, I’ve been instrumental in aiding Amazon vendors transition seamlessly to SellerCentral, ensuring smooth operations across all fronts.

  • Instacart: My tenure as a Senior Software Engineer saw me revamping the core web interface, enhancing user experience, and promoting platform-agnostic solutions.

Blair.BIZ - Bridging Gaps with Custom Software

At Blair.BIZ, we envision a world where technology simplifies complexities. Our retro-futuristic approach intertwines with Amazon and TikTok’s vibrant aesthetics, embodying a genius business model facilitated by AI and robotics. Our narrative is simple - as you code away at your desk, we’re the neural network that propels your business into the cosmos of e-commerce.

Skills Snapshot

  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Performance Marketing, E-commerce, Sales, Microsoft Excel
  • Specialties: Amazon FBA, AI Tools, Transitioning to SellerCentral, Fraud-Detection, SEO Strategy, Product Cataloging, Platform-Agnostic Solutions

Let’s Talk Business

Eager to embark on a collaborative journey? Contact us and let’s turn those plain-cardboard boxes into treasure chests filled with e-commerce success.